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The tour programme begins at an authentic fishing village located at the foot of Varna bay. Once we’ve got our equipment prepared and a short instruction carried out, we head off along the beautiful city coastline. Our trip allows us to view the town from a different angle, providing us with an opportunity to get a feel of the summer rhythm and life of our sea capital. Once we’ve reached the port entrance, we will be heading south, crossing a sailing canal and after paddling for a short while, we will find ourselves at inaccessible and wild beaches located at the heart of Varna bay. Here we will have a picnic or eat at an exotic restaurant with an incredible view of the city and bay area. After the hour-long break, we will take off towards cape Galata which is the end point of Varna bay. Paddling further to the south, we will get a chance to enjoy some wild nature and exotic beaches. The tour programme ends at “Fichoza” area, from where we will head back to Varna. We will also have a short walk in downtown Varna, to further enrich our impressions of the city.

Note: The programme is not compulsory and can be changed on the spot at the discretion of the guide, depending on the current weather conditions, physical capacities and experience of participants, etc.

Upon request, we can visit a restaurant

Information about region:

The city of Varna is situated in the North-Eastern part of Bulgaria, on the Black Sea shore. Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria and the largest one on the Black Sea shore with population of about 330 000 people. Because of its history and its economical and cultural significance, it is often called the Sea Capital of Bulgaria.
The average January temperature in Varna is +1.7 C, the average July temperature is +22.8 C, and the average annual temperature is +12.2 C, which makes it very appropriate for holiday sea tourism during the warm months of the year.
The town was established in the 6th century BC under the name of Odessos by emigrants from the town of Milet in Asia Minor. For a short time it turned into a polis and one of the most important ports and commercial centers on the Black Sea.
For a few decades Odessos was within the borders of the Macedonian Empire of Alexander the Great, but later it reestablished its independence and again rose as an economical, commercial and cultural center. The city was coining its own money which is an evidence of its development. In the 15th year AD Odessos was included within the borders of the Roman Empire. In 1201 the Bulgarian tsar Kaloyan (born 1168- died 1207) integrated the town to Bulgaria, and in 1366 Varna was given to the Dobrudzha ruler Dobrotitsa, and it had served as his capital. In 1398 Varna was conquered by the Ottoman conquerors. During the Revival (18th - 19th century) it was developed as a cultural and commercial center.
Today Varna is a modern city with a rich cultural calendar. Two of the most modern multifunctional halls in the county are situated here - the Palace of Culture and Sports and the Festival and Congress Center, which allow the conducting of multiple international cinema festivals, scientific forums and sport events, among which are the following: International Theater Festival "Varna Summer", Ethnic Festival, International Jazz Festival "Varna Summer", International Folklore Festival of Varna, International Film Festival "Love is Folly", International Festival of Puppet Art "Golden Dolphin", International Photographic Saloon, Bulgarian Film Festival "Golden Rose", etc.
With its modern port, railway connection and international airport providing connection with 35 states and more than 100 world cities, Varna is one of the largest transport centers in Bulgaria.
The strategic position of Varna on the map of south-eastern Europe has turned the city into one of the largest settlements on the Black Sea shore since antiquity. Multiple monuments presented today in the city Archaeological Museum date back to this period...View more

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According current weather forecas only days are avaliable for this trip


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25 EUR / 50 LV

Price includes:

• Equipment: two-or single kayaks, life jackets, paddles, spray deck, waterproof phone cases, dry bags for personal luggage
• Picnic - BBQ (optional)
• Beverages - cold beer, soft drinks, mineral water (optional)
• Transport (optional)
• Photography and video
• Instructor (guide)
• Briefing
• Insurance


1 day

Activity Level:


What to Wear & Bring:

Seasonally adjusted clothing. Spare dry clothes. If the weather is suitable for sun bathing - beach accessories.


May - October

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