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Around Nessebar


The tour programme begins at Ravda village located south of Nessebar. After equipment has been prepared and a short instruction carried out, we set off in the direction of Nessebar along some beautiful sea sand dunes. Half an hour of paddling will get us to an authentic fish restaurant where, upon request, we can have lunch and enjoy some exotic Black sea delicacies. Once we’ve eaten and had some rest, we will be heading to Nessebar again. Once we’ve paddled our way there, we will moor at Nessebar’s port where we will once again have a short break before we set out for our water-bound tour around this old town.

Note: The programme is not compulsory and can be changed on the spot at the discretion of the guide, depending on the current weather conditions, physical capacities and experience of participants, etc.

Information about region:

The town of Nesebar (with a population of 10000 people) is situated on the Black Sea Shore, 36 km northeast of Burgas. It is in close proximity to another big Bulgarian resort - Slanchev bryag (Sunny Beach).

Nesebar Region has temperate continental climate. The average temperature in the month of July is +23.1 C, and the average temperature in January is +2 C. The month with most precipitation is September. July and August are characterised by dry weather.

The town was established more than 3200 years ago. Thracians settled there at the end of the Bronze Age. They called it Melsambria, which meant the town of Melsas - that was probably the name of the founder of the settlement.

They were succeeded by the Dorians (ancient Greek tribe) who came to the town at the end of the 6th century BC. Under their control the settlement expanded: a fortification wall was built, residential quarters emerged, etc. At the beginning of the 1st century AD the town became part of the Roman Empire. It was then when they started calling it Mesembria. The town continued to be an important economic and cultural centre. After the capital of the Roman Empire moved to Constantinople and Christianity became the official religion, there was a building boom of Christian temples on the territory of Mesembria. The town became part of the First Bulgarian Empire in 812 when Bulgarian ruler Khan Krum conquered it. The Slavs who settled there started calling it Nesebar. The town played a crucial role during the reigns of Tsars Kaloyan (1197-1207), Ivan Asen II (1218 - 1241), and Konstantine Tikh (1257-1277).

The town flourished under the rule of Tsar Ivan Alexander (1331 - 1371) - many new churches were built, culture and religion developed.

Nesebar was conquered by the Ottomans in 1453.

Today the old and the new part of the town are connected by a narrow isthmus. ...View more

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According current weather forecas only days are avaliable for this trip


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25 EUR / 50 LV

Price includes:

• Equipment: two-or single kayaks, life jackets, paddles, spray deck, waterproof phone cases, dry bags for personal luggage
• Picnic (optional)
• Beverages - cold beer, soft drinks, mineral water (optional)
• Transport (optional)
• Photography and video
• Instructor (guide)
• Briefing
• Insurance


1 day

Activity Level:


What to Wear & Bring:

Seasonally adjusted clothing. Spare dry clothes. If the weather is suitable for sun bathing - beach accessories.


May - October

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