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Stone Coast


The tour programme begins at Tyulenovo’s fishing village. After equipment has been prepared and a short instruction carried out, we set off up north. From the very start of our tour you will find yourselves fascinated by the breathtaking magnificent and queer-shaped rocks, rock formations and caves of stunning shape and colour. The sound of various rare birds such as cormorants, hoopoes, plovers, owls and others echo across the rocks. The inaccessibility of the places we will visit has kept them intact from any human damage, but it also makes them very dangerous. This will boost the adrenaline and emotional experience and will leave you with unforgettable memories. An hour-long paddle will take us to “Yailata” Reserve, where we will stop at a small and beautiful beach to grab a bite and rest a little. For all of you diving sports lovers, we have arranged some diving equipment you can use to enjoy the underwater beauty of this area. Once we’ve rested, we will set off south. Another hour of paddling will take us to a small and beautiful holiday resort where our day-long trip will end.

Note:The programme is not compulsory and can be changed on the spot at the discretion of the guide, depending on the current weather conditions, physical capacities and experience of participants, etc.

Upon request, we can also visit an antique fortress located at the “Yailata” Reserve, an ancient fortress at cape Kaliakra with a meal at an exotic restaurant at the fortress, offering a romantic sea view, or stop at the mussel farm and restaurant offering exotic mussel dishes. There we can discuss and digest our experience over a glass of beer.

Information about region:

The village of Kamen Bryag is located between the borders of the towns of Shabla and Kavarna. It is characterized by its multiple caves and rocky bays, surrounded by stone blocks and greenery. The locality possesses wild beauty and romantics.

The best sport climbers in Bulgaria and the world pass through the challenging hard to reach routes every year.

The protected area of Yaylata is an archaeological reserve, located at a distance of about 1 km south of Kamen Bryag. Rarely seen natural beauty reigns here, combined with multiple remains of ancient civilizations and mysteries of the past. On the bottom of this oblong piece of land, which looks as if it has fallen deep in the Dobrudzha Plateau, fragrant grasses flourish and give out a sweet smell, and the openings of multiple caves can be noticed along the upright rocks to the land and to the sea. Here visitors can see prehistoric cave residences, Thracian tombs, ancient cellars, a sanctuary, altar stones, necropolises, a fortified wall, semi-obliterated inscriptions, stone icons and crosses engraved along the cave walls.

Taukliman (The Bird Bay) is located to the south of Yaylata, 8 km from Kamen Bryag and it is a protected area. Here visitors can see diverse bird species (more than 100 species), nesting or passing through the region. The shore resembles rock terraces, descending to the sea, with small cozy beaches and rock arches. The multiple caves nearby have given grounds for ancient legends about sea pirates, who had hidden their treasures there.....View more about Stone coast

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According current weather forecas only days are avaliable for this trip


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35 EUR / 70 LV

Price includes:

• Equipment: two-or single kayaks, life jackets, paddles, spray deck, waterproof phone cases, dry bags for personal luggage
• Picnic (optional)
• Beverages - cold beer, soft drinks, mineral water (optional)
• Transport (optional)
• Photography and video
• Instructor (guide)
• Briefing
• Insurance


1 day

Activity Level:


What to Wear & Bring:

Seasonally adjusted clothing. Spare dry clothes. If the weather is suitable for sun bathing - beach accessories.


May - October

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